The Dining Room Studio

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Yamaha 01x Superb replacement for my 01v. Total integration with Cubase and all audio and midi channels through one single Firewire cable. It is also the main conduit into the PC for the rest of the mLan network. Yamaha 01x
Yamaha i88x This wonderful device expands the capoabilities of my mLan system. Using this I am able to combine 8 outs from the 01v (via ADAT optical cables between the 01v and i88x) along with a further 8 inputs on the i88x itself, which are then routed via mLan to the 01x giving me total control and simultaneous recording of 24 input channels.... sheer bliss! Yamaha i88x
Yamaha 01V I have the ADAT option card installed too. Now connected via the i88x it adds a further 8 channels of input... each with phantom powered balance inputs. Yamaha 01V
Soundcraft Spirit Absolute 2 One hell of a pair of near fields. Very pleased with these babies. Soundcraft Spirit Absolute 2
Denon PMA-350SE I'd been after one of these for ages since my trusty old JVC amp was starting to get old and cranky. This is a superb amp, perfect for studio monitoring duties as it has no EQ controls. Denon PMA-350SE
Samson C.control This was a second hand purchase from eBay (bargain at 36!). It allows easy switching between 4 monitor sources, can route to 3 sets of speakers plus headphones, has a built in "talkback" microphone and switch, plus very handy mute, dim and mono facilities. Well worth the money. Samson C.control
Samson C.Que8 Great little 4 channel, 8 output headphone amp in a matching format to the C.Control. Samson C.Que8
Behringer MDX2100 This has been in use in the studio for quite some time now. It's main duties are for peak limiting while recording dynamic sound sources. Behringer MDX2100
Gatt LD5 & HP7 From what I can gather, Gatt are a Dutch company. The mic is nice and smooth, and the headphones reproduce the sound very faithfully and, more importantly, are incredibly comfortable to wear... even for long periods. Gatt LD5 Gatt HP7
Behringer B5 Great compact little condenser microphone. It has 2 interchangeable capsules for cardoid and omnidirectional responses. Great for miking snare, hihats, cymbals or acoutic guitars. Behringer B5
Takstar PCM6100 Very similar microphone to the Behringer B5. They were really cheap (got them on eBay for 12 each and they were shipped from Hong Kong in 4 days!) and even come with a foam pop-shield and their own mini shock-mounts. Very handy for general purpose use, including using them as drum overhards. Due to the low price I got 4! Gatt LD5