The Dining Room Studio

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Studio Construction

The studio is actually an extension of the original dining area within my front room. This means I had to create an extra partition wall, remove an archway and install a door and some double glazed windows (so that you look from the studio through into the front room). This picture shows the studio from the front room mid construction.

Studio outside

The area to the rear of the studio is actually a reasonable sized space. But later I added bookcases that line the right hand wall and wrap round the corner. A pair of CD towers were also added on the rear wall towards the left hand side. The studio has it's own dedicated ring main which should hopefully cut down any clicks and pops from things like the fridge-freezer compressor switching on and off.

Studio outside

The finished result doesn't look too bad, just as long as you can get your head round the idea of having double glazed windows on an interior wall! With the studio door closed, the sound levels produced inside are cut down quite a bit in the front room. The stud walls were clad inside and out with 18mm high density chipboard rather than Gyproc. The cavities are filled with 4” polystyrene slabs. The wall cladding also makes it much easier to mount shelves and other things on the wall.