The Dining Room Studio

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Roland TD-6 Having previously given my acoustic drum kit away (to my nephew) I was keen to get some sort of drum kit again. Found a guy in New York with a drum shop and managed to get a brand new TD-6 for $400! This now forms the heart of my new drum kit... and no need to spend hours miking it up! Roland TD-6
Roland FD-7 Got the actual Roland HiHat pedal to replace the one that came with the MPS300. Got it s/h off eBay. Roland FD-7
Roland PD-7 Added this pad as the hi-hat pad (dual trigger for bow and edge strikes). Again s/h from eBay. Roland PD-7
MiGe RPD120 Made by German company, MiGe. It's a 12" dual trigger snare drum pad with mesh head. Once again s/h from eBay. MiGe RPD120
Millenium MPS300 Brilliant rack and pad set, bought from for the bargain price of £237. It has 5 8" silent single trigger pads with real tunable skins, 3 quarter round cymbal pads topped with neoprene rubber, and a reasonably sturdy rack just like the electronic kits from Roland and Yamaha. Also included is a HiHat contgrol pedal, bass drum pedal and a mounting doo-hickey to mount the 5th pad as a bass drum with a secure connection to attach the bass drum pedal. They even included a pair of (cheap!) sticks (read: “barge-poles”). Millenium MPS300
Roland R5 Bought this second hand from the owner of a studio I used to use. I love the sounds, they are incredibly punchy. Roland R5