The Dining Room Studio

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Roland Fantom X7 The X7 makes an excellent main keyboard. My JV90 used to be the main keyboard supported by my Yamaha SY85. The SY85 is now retired to the warm studio and the JV90 has moved to support duties. Expanded with the Ultimate Keys and Complete Orchestra SRX cards, the X7 covers all the Hammond, CP80, Clav, Rhodes, strings and brass sounds I could want. A pair of Roland DP-2 pedal switches handle sustain pedal duties on each keyboard. Roland Fantom X7
Yamaha Motif ES7 Has great B3 organ, sax and piano sounds. It complements the X7 perfectly for playing live. And there's plenty of keys to go round as they are both 6 octave keyboards. It has also been expanded with a PLG150VL physical modelling expansion card for very expressive sax, flute and brass sounds. Yamaha Motif ES7
Behringer MXB1002 Superb little mixer, I just don't see how you can better them for the price. Although it's a bit underutilised live as it only has to mix 2 stereo keyboards, I do at least have spare channels for emergencies or guest equipment. Behringer MXB1002
T-Amp TA450II Bloody solid amp, both in build quality and performance. It sounds full and smooth wether down low or cranked right up. It *IS* heavy though! It's permanently connected to the MXB1002 and both are mounted in a top and front lift off lid 8U 19” rack flight case (on wheels!). T-Amp TA450II
The Box PA110 Amazing speakers, 250W RMS handling each. They come with these little bent metal rod attachments that allow you to lay the speaker on it's side and use it like a wedge monitor, which I do, with both under the keyboard stand pointing up at me for clear stereo monitoring. They also have a recessed “top hat” for use as main PA speakers on standard 35mm stands. The Box PA110
Ultimate Apex AX48BP This stand has halved my set-up time. Stand it upside down on one end, pull the legs out and snap them into place... turn it upright and stand it on the floor... open the top flap, pull the 4 arms out and flip them into the clamps canti-lever fashion.... loosen the mic boom arm, position it and tighten up again... job done! Ultimate Apex AX48BP