The Dining Room Studio

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Maison FP/PP Really brightly coloured electric guitar. It was not particularly expensive but is incredibly well built. It has a superbly low action with locking bar at the headstock to maintain tune, floating micto-tuners and a whammy bar! Maison FP/PP
Encore ENC 2 Semi-acoutic guitar with piezo pickup beneath the bridge. Encore ENC 2
Marlin "re-finished" bass An old Marlin bass that was originally painted sparkly silver. The original paint job was stripped, the body and headstock finely sanded and then stained peacock green (yes really!) Marlin Bass
Stagg M50 E although rather cheap, this is an excellent little electroacoustic mandolin in a lovely deep red sunburst colour. Stagg M50 E
Behringer X V-AMP superb floor standing effects unit with expression pedal for wah-wah etc... Has some excellent modelled amp simulations. Behringer X V-AMP
Intelli IMT101 superb little pocket sized guitar tuner. Works perfectly on a bass and a mandolin too. Intelli IMT101