The Dining Room Studio

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Welcome to my Home Studio. This is the place where I spend nearly all my spare time either writing & recording music or surfing the net. The equipment you see here is the result of 10 years of impulse buying, re-mortgaging, and generally being in debt! The first synth I ever bought was the Casio CZ-101 - and it is still in active use in my studio today (to be honest, the first synth I ever bought was an E&MM Spectrum Monosynth, but it never really worked properly).

I have used the studio to record my own previous band, PARALLEL, my current band, MARYLEBONE JELLY, as well as friends - my mate Colin (a karaoke collection), our drummer's previous other band, Zed's Dead (original rock/indie material) and Roger Bunn - an acoustic track "Bare Arms" about the Oklahoma City bombing, which you can listen to on the audio files page.

I plan to put some of the recorded material online along with some MIDI files, so look out for them. In the mean time feel free to explore my studio by using the menu on the left, or maybe visit my business site: DA Media Limited or my band's website: Marylebone Jelly