The Dining Room Studio

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A somewhat random list of useful links that might or might not be listed elsewhere on this site.
DA Media Limited My software company website.
Marylebone Jelly My band's website.

Sound On Sound Magazine Just about the only decent music technology magazine still remaining. I used to read The Mix, in fact I read it since 1982 when it was Electronics and Music Maker, but sadly it was bought out and scrapped by Future Publishing. Thank god Sound On Sound is still going strong!
Performing Rights Society The PRS collects licence fees for the public performance and broadcast of musical works.
Fantomized - The worlwide community of Roland Fantom-S and Fantom-X users An excellent online community and forum for Roland Fantom users. Created and run by Artemiy Pavlov (better known as Artemio). It is a brilliant resource for anyone using Roland Fantom series keyboards and has an active forum with many knowledgable users.