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The MIDI files below are either created by me or the original creators have given me permission to present them here.
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Enjoy The Silence - Depeche Mode (1995) I created this MIDI file several years ago now. It was created on Steinberg Cubase 1.0 for the Atari ST, utilising a Roland MT32 for synth parts and a Roland TR707 for drums. The file presented here should play quite happily on your PC automatically using GM or XG compatible MIDI file players. The file was put on the internet in 1996 at the MIDI File Central site run by Neil Burton (it got 4 stars... woohoo!) which, sadly, no longer exists (but look in the related links for a link to the site in the internet archive). Since that time the file has travelled far and wide around the internet, popping up on hundreds (if not more) of sites from general MIDI collections to Depeche Mode fan sites.