The Dining Room Studio

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Hand Percussion I just love rooting round junk, gift and craft shops for unusual instruments. The little hand drum with the beaters on strings (Den-den Daiko) is really run to play. Hold your hands in “prayer position” with the shaft of the drum between the middle pads of your fingers and rub your hands together, back and forth, so that the drum twists and the beaters fly out striking the skins on either side of the drum. Hand Percussion
Hand Drums I could buy far more hand-drums than I could ever have space to store them. I have to curb my enthusiasm when out shopping! Though having said that, I would still love to get a Djembe. Hand Drums
Wind Instruments So far I haven't had a go at recording anything with the flutes or the ocarina, but soon.... Wind Instruments
Didgeridoo No self-respecting studio should be without a didgeridoo, whether to play or just look cool standing in the corner! I do play mine, but I am yet to fully master the circular breathing technique. Digeridoo