The Dining Room Studio

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E&MM Spectrum The first synth I ever bought, but it never really worked properly. E&MM Spectrum
Roland TR626 Roland TR626
Yamaha TX7 A DX7 in a box. Yamaha TX7
Roland Alpha Juno 2 Some great analog sounds on this machine with decent MIDI to boot. Sold this one to the Roland Owners Club to finance the purchase of my SY85 Roland Alpha Juno 2
Korg M3R Bought this one second hand for 350 with 2 PCM card sets thrown in. Korg M3R
Roland MT32 My first introduction to Multitimbral Synthesis. 8 Synth parts + 1 rhythm part. Back in those days this was real power! Roland MT32
Roland TR707 I swapped my TX7 for this machine. Great fun, and damned easy to program. I found the sounds weren't all that special. Had I kept it I'd probably get a decent price for it today. Roland TR707
Roland D-110 I bought this one as a direct replacement for my MT32. Same architecture, better sounds and multiple assignable outputs. Roland D-110
Unique DBM Master Keyboard Bought into the hype about having ONE master keyboard & many synth modules. That worked fine in the studio, but proved to be a pain once I started playing live. Have to say tho, this was one hell of a sturdy keyboard... all steel contruction case, and bloody heavy to lift. Unique DBM Master Keyboard
RAM 20:4:8:2 Mixer My beloved stuck together mixer. It's two RAM Micro 10:4:8:2's bolted together. Worked beautifully. I even managed to sell it to a satified buyer! RAM 20:4:8:2 Mixer
Behringer Eurodesk MX8000 WOW! What an absolutely incredible desk. Its in 24:8:24:2 format (in-line monitoring) which allows upto 48 inputs on the main channels alone. VERY VERY quiet desk. I only replaced this desk as I had a chance to buy a Yamaha 01V and go entirely digital. It's also a lot less bulky! Behringer Eurodesk MX8000