The Dining Room Studio

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I've have always had a studio in my house. At first it was just a spare bedroom, but now that I am a few houses down the line, my studio has occupied a substantial, purposely chosen, ground-floor room. Since the area chosen for my studio, in both my previous and current house, were originally the dining room, I have named my home studio “The Dining Room Studio” (and not because I have several other studios named after various types of household rooms!)

The first picture you see here is the business end of my studio area, with the 01V mixer taking prime position behind the Roland Fantom X7. Behind the X7 and below the mixer is the main monitoring amp, a Denon PMA350SE. To the left of the mixer is my Roland R5 drum machine. To the right of the mixer is the USB MidiSport 4x4 which connects the X7, the 01V and the Roland R5 to the PC which is running Steinberg Cubase SX2. You can just about see the PC to the right of the picture.

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Closer inspection (picture 2) rather embarassingly reveals my lack of enthusiasm for dusting. Since starting my own software company in 2001, my studio is also my office, which means the audio equipment is always fighting for space with my paperwork, which doesn't bode well as I'm not too enthusiastic about tidying up either.

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Since the studio isn't particularly large, about 9’ by 13’, space is at a premium and so the storage has to be fitted in wherever it can. All spare cables (yes, there is such a thing!) and connectors etc are stored in wicker baskets sitting on top of the bookcases. They are a bit awkward to lift down, but it doesn't need to be done too often.

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Nearly all of the hand drums and hand percussion is simply sat on a couple of shelves mounted on the left hand wall at the window end of the studio. Fortunately they are quite decorative since they are on display all the time.

Currently, the semi-acoustic and lead guitars are hung on wall hangers. I haven't yet worked out where to put more hangers for the bass and the mandolin.