The Dining Room Studio

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Yamaha Motif ES7 My newest aquisistion. It has the sample memory expanded to 1Gb, has a 1Gb USB thumb drive and 128Mb SmartMedia memory card for back up, and has 1 PLG card installed. Yamaha Motif ES7
Yamaha PLG150VL Monophnic Virtual Acoustics board. Gives me Virtually modelled sax, flute and brass sounds... very expressive. Yamaha PLG150VL
Roland Fantom X7 It has the memory expanded to 544Mb, has a 1Gb flash card for back up, and has 2 SRX boards installed. Roland Fantom X7
Roland SRX06 & SRX07 The SRX06 - “Complete Orchestra” and SRX07 - “Ultimate Keys” expansion cards are currently installed in my X7
Roland SR-JV80-01 The "Pop" expansion card is currently installed in my JV90
Roland SRX06Roland SRX07Roland SR-JV80-01
Roland JV90 I use this synth as my master keyboard. I particularly like the Piano, String & Brass sounds. Unfortunatley, the Sax & Organ sounds really suck!! It has been fitted with a VE-JV1 voice expander, effectively doubling the available polyphony. Roland JV90
Yamaha SY85 I find this keyboards strengths pertectly complement my JV90. It has rather good Sax & Hammond sounds. The internal memory has been expanded to 2Mb volatile RAM. Yamaha SY85
Casio CZ-101 My first ever working synth. You can get some really cool sounds out of this little beast. Casio CZ-101
Siel Expander 80 Whingey, parpy sounds in full single filter wobbly-analogue vision. Siel Expander 80